You one can imagine an artificial tooth root, which is gently and painlessly insert into the jawbone and serves as a base for the dentures. The implant body, made of biocompatible titanium with exact surgical precision, provides a secure fit for the dentures and is treated by the body like a natural tooth root. At first we precisely match implant substrate in the jaw, which has exactly the size of the implant to be inserted. Then the doctor attached to the implant body. In the third step, the final dentures are fixed on the artificial tooth root. Implants have a specially machined surface and fuse well with the surrounding bone tissue. Due to the tight fit they are not perceived as foreign bodies and convey a natural feeling with a high quality of life.
In contrast to conventional dental bridges, with dental implants no other healthy neighboring teeth have to be ground and thus damaged. By using an implant, a bone reduction and a malposition of the adjacent teeth is prevented and the natural functioning of the jaw muscles is maintained.


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Our specialists in the field of orthodontics are responsible for the diagnosis, correction and prevention of maxillary and dental malocclusions in children, adolescents and adults. The correction of maxillary and dental malocclusions is not only done for esthetic and prophylactic reasons (prevention of caries and periodontitis). In addition, successfully completed orthodontic treatment prevents premature facial aging and improves pronunciation. Furthermore, pain can be liquidated due to a malocclusion.

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The field of dental prosthetics involves the restoration of the chewing function by an individual denture. A distinction is made between fixed dentures, such as crowns and bridges, removable dentures, such as partial and full dentures, as well as a combination of both solutions. In order to provide the highest quality dental prostheses to our patients, we collaborate with a dental technician who has been working in the field for 20 years.

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