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BELLESA-MED is a modern dental clinic that offers its patients dental treatment of the highest European standard. The treatments are carried out by our experienced, highly qualified specialists who are constantly expanding their expertise. Our team works with passion and the highest commitment. In the service of our patients, we have equipped our treatment rooms with a newest technical equipment that enables painless treatment and largely eliminates the insecurity of our anxiety patients. Our pain-reducing treatments include sedation and relaxation by means of dental sedation, computer-controlled microanesthesia as a single-tooth anesthetic without an injection using the THE WAND device and a wide range of anesthesia using electroanesthesia. The use of modern anesthetic methods allows treatment of our patients without pain and unpleasant experiences.

Our treatment spectrum:


Microscopic Dentistry

All root canal treatments in Bellesa-Med are performed using precision dental microscopes from Seliga. One of the biggest benefits of our microscopic treatment is that it allows us to work extremely hard to resque teeth that would otherwise have to be removed.

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