Medical Tourism

For customers from abroad we offer the possibility of dental treatment, but also the transfer from / to the airport, accommodation and sightseeing Warsaw and surrounding areas. If you have any question feel free to ask by email or phone. We can prepare the offer dedicated to you.


In view of the needs of our patients, who want to reduce the number of dental visits to the necessary minimum due to time constraints, or who only stay in the Polish capital for a short time, we offer a so-called One-Day-Clinic. As a patient, you can conveniently use the full spectrum of our personnel, operating and technical requirements and reserve specific areas of our clinic for several hours or even the whole day for your own treatment. With laser-assisted treatment methods and the use of innovative technologies, we significantly shorten the duration of our dental treatment. This highly efficient approach enables excellent treatment results. Dentures and treatments in the field of implantology can be easily implemented in our one-day clinic.One-Day-Clinic.

Afterwards the offer of our relaxation zone is at your disposal. Do something good for your body and let yourself be pampered by our specialists in the field of beauty medicine. Our offer includes massages and a whole range of cosmetic treatments.

General anesthesia treatment

In patients suffering from panic dental phobia, dental treatment including dental surgery under general anesthesia may be performed. Thanks to newest technology, anesthesia is a safe and very well tolerated method of stunning (sleep). Administration of the anesthetic is accomplished exclusively by an anesthetist who will make the selection of the appropriate anesthetic agent, thereby controlling the depth of anesthesia and continuously monitoring the body functions of the patient. Our anesthetists are supported by newest anesthesia technology.

Dental treatment in general anesthesia is performed in our clinic by highly qualified and experienced anesthetists, dentists and dentists. Our team includes: dentist general dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery med. dent. Agnieszka Frelek, Specialist in maxillofacial surgery med. dent. Wojciech Napiorkowski and specialist in anesthetics and intensive care med. Grzegorz Witer.

Innovative treatments of the future already in our clinic

Our clinic offers the most innovative treatment methods and the most modern technologies. Thanks to the latest-generation dental laser SmartM PRO, our physicians are able to work with the highest accuracy. The SoproLife intraoral camera, which is a part of the standard equipment in our treatment rooms, thanks to the innovative fluorescence technology. The attending physician and the patient themselves can get an idea of the condition of the teeth with the help of highly accurate photographs. Our pain-reducing treatments include sedation and relaxation by means of dental sedation, computer-controlled microanesthesia as single-tooth anesthesia without injection using the innovative THE WAND device and a wide range of anesthesia using electro-anesthetics. The use of modern anesthetic methods allows treatment of our patients without pain and unpleasant experiences. Through supportive use of laser therapy, we achieve excellent results even with massive bacterial load and chronic inflammation. In many cases we can save you a surgical procedure.
As part of a root canal treatment, all root canals in our clinic are automatically cleaned with the most modern, flexible instruments. The instruments can even treat highly curved and very fine channels. Rinsing the channels also cleanses and kills many bacteria. Thanks to the use of precise dental microscopes, we can treat teeth that would otherwise have to be removed in an extremely precise way. The condition of the affected teeth is assessed using the innovative Digital Imaging System Dental RVG Satelec Sopix.
In addition to excellent specialist knowledge and many years of professional experience, we attach great importance to the social skills of our employees so that they can respond adequately to the different needs of our patients in every situation. Our treatment rooms are optically very attractive. By using the latest technologies as well as optical stimuli and background music, you do not get the impression that you are currently in a dental clinic. After the treatment you have the offer of our relaxation zone at your disposal. Do something good for your body and let yourself be pampered by our specialists in the field of beauty medicine. Our offer includes e.g. massages and a whole range of cosmetic treatments.

Dental microscope

The root canal entrances and root canals as well as the peculiarities in the depth of the root canals are small details that the human eye can no longer perceive beyond a certain size. From this point of view, the dental microscope is the decisive innovation for endodontics. For all root treatments in our clinic, the most modern Seliga dental microscopes is used. Thanks to this highly accurate magnification technology we are able to obtain teeth that would otherwise have to be removed and increase the effectiveness of endodontic treatment.
The microscope allows for root canal treatments as accurate as possible insight into the tooth. Thanks to the enlargement of the treated areas (up to 20x) hidden canal systems can be found, so that the treatment of the problems deep in the root canals is also possible. In the case of root tip resection, the microscope is indispensable for proper therapy. In particular, we perform the following treatments under the microscope:
• A highly accurate localization of the fine root canal entrances
• Finding the hidden canal systems in the tooth and the additional root canals
• A very accurate filling of root canals
In addition to the obligatory use in endodontics, the use of Seliga's dental microscope in our clinic has also become established in other areas of dentistry.
• Prophylaxis and tooth preservation (especially for precise tooth fillings)
• In the field of prosthetics, in particular in the context of the work-up of the surfaces on which the dental prosthesis is anchored and for the control of the crown margins in the manufacture of dentures.
• Periodontics and the treatment of chronic inflammation
• Dental surgery (the possibility of using micro-machines and fine threads)
• Diagnosis (thanks to the enlargement of the treated areas a highly accurate localization of leaks in the existing dental fillings and the earliest caries development stages
• The possibility of a very precise operation in all therapies

The sedation

Sedation is an innovative and completely safe method of anesthesia, not only to completely eliminate the sensation of pain, but also to avoid the experience of stress and anxiety.
The method puts the patient in a deeply relaxed, calm state - the so-called twilight sleep. In this state, the environment is perceived only indistinctly, the physical sensation of the patient completely turned off. Nevertheless, the patient is conscious during the treatment and responds without restriction to the instructions of the treating physician. The method is suitable for both children and adults.


We offer an efficient and safe single-tooth stunning with The Wand. This is a novel local anesthetic procedure that causes no pain. Especially for our anxious patients, this new technology of computer-controlled dental stunning without syringe allows a relaxed and pleasant dental treatment. The stunning method was developed in close consultation and on the recommendation of psychologists to provide a treatment alternative especially for patients affected by dental phobia. The method is forecast to have a tremendous future perspective.

Camera SoproLife

The SoproLife intraoral camera, which is part of the standard equipment in our treatment rooms, makes caries visible in the first stages of development thanks to the innovative fluorescence technology. The attending physician and the patient themselves can get an idea of the condition of the teeth from the highest-precision images. The SoproLife system allows a very accurate diagnosis of the earliest caries development stages and, in the process, the optimal treatment decisions without X-ray examinations.

SmartM PRO Laser

Thanks to the latest-generation dental laser SmartM PRO, our doctors are able to work with the highest accuracy. The laser is a device that is able to precisely remove or sever caries-affected tooth areas with concentrated light and high energy. The laser treatment is a low-pain and gentle form of therapy that enables us to achieve maximum success. The dental laser treatment is used in the field of endodontics as well as for tooth cleaning and removal of tooth discoloration.

The hydro-air abrasion process (AQUACUT)

The application of the innovative hydro-air abrasion process allows us to perform a dental treatment without drilling. The mechanism of action of the method is to propel the kinetic energy of a concentrated jet to the tooth surface by means of compressed air and, as a result, enable dental treatment (including removal of discoloration, polishing and cleaning) without drilling. This treatment method is particularly suitable for pain-sensitive or allergic patients, pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as children.

RTG Satelec

Our treatment rooms use the innovative RTG technology.
By integrating the Sopix Inside sensor in the X-ray machine, a unique communication is possible. If the sensor has received enough X-ray radiation for a recording, it transmits the data immediately to the generator, which then stops the X-ray radiation. This reduces the radiation exposure of the patient to the necessary minimum. Over-radiance is now a thing of the past.